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  • Updated 9/11/08: To my UniKL students: Please submit all your assignments within the first week of November. You may put in your assignments inside my mail box/pigeon hole in front of my room. Please submit the hard copy of your assignment also even tough you may have submitted the soft copy because the University may need a hard prove of your assignment later on. Thank you.
  • MY DEAR STUDENTS! I'm very sorry for being unable to finish some of my final lectures in the final week because of my illness (due to dengue fever). I hope to be able to run some replacement class next week between 5 to 7 November 2008, between 5 - 7 pm. Will try to contact you guys for confirmations. Alternatively you guys may also contact me should you need to discuss/need advice for the final exam.
  • To ICT students, you may submit your webdesign assigments' URL to the link given at the navigation panel or you may click here.
  • Tuesday, 22/10/2008: New marketing notes, Principles of Marketing 13, 14, 15 & 16 have been uploaded (Updated:29/10/08). We will continue the lecture on these two topics before exam.
  • Sunday, 19/10/2008: CNC Notes on Step NC and Costing & Pricing have been uploaded for next week lecture. Please be reminded that the following week will be a Deepavali Holiday. We should discuss about rescheduling our class since it will be our last and very important class. Please give your feedback about the time and place suitable for the rescheduling tomorrow (20/10/2008). I also plan to take photo of our class during our session next week.
  • Wednesday, 15/10/2008: Principles of Marketing lecture notes for Chapter 11 and 12 have been uploaded. Kindly download both files for our class tomorrow 16/10/2008.
  • Sunday, 12/10/2008: CNC & IT notes on High Speed Machining and Graphics Editing has been uploaded for this week lecture. I've also uploaded a supplementary notes on GIMP and its tutorial in case you wish to learn how to use the open source image editing software. Download the software from here.
  • Sunday, 5/10/2008: Attention to all students of IPROM, I've uploaded the latest assignment / project questions to your respective subject section. Please check it out.
  • Sunday, 21/9/2008: CNC Programming Turning scanned notes and extra guides on canned cycles has been uploaded to the CNC Technology section. Please check it out here.
  • Sunday, 14/9/2008: New notes on Website design has been uploaded for Information Technology subject. Please check it out here.
  • Tuesday 9/9/2008: I've uploaded the CNC Programming Milling notes (the one that we've discussed and did the exercises in the class using typed and handwritten notes) to the CNC Technology Section. Go straight to download the file by clicking here.
  • Sunday, 7/9/2008: For Information Technology students, please download this lecture note: 07 Word Processing - Building a Website using MS Word.ppt. for our lecture and lab session for this week (8/8 - 12/8). Welcome back to UniKL!
  • Tuesday, 2/9/08 (Updated 7/9/2008): For CNC Technology students, I've uploaded the full text of CNC Programming manual and guides for the MTS CNC Simulation software (milling) here. The MTS software will be use as a demo to simulate the part program that has been created using NC Editor. Please download the file to be use as a guide to you during the demo.
  • Tuesday, 2/9/08: I've uploaded the pdf version of Introduction to MAC OS as an alternative to the uploaded powerpoint file for your convenience.